12 Nov

It seems a little early for Christmas decorations… but yet I see them every where I go, we aren’t even into December yet, and I feel cheated, it’s like the surprise and excitement I used to feel, is tarnished by this need to extend that Christmas shopping cheer to as long as possible. Kids must feel so uninspired by it all, I remember when I was growing up, and you fuckers that just groaned at the “remember when” story about to unfold, know exactly what to do. I do remember as a kid barely being able to sleep before Christmas, we would wake my parents at a minute past midnight, knowing my old man would loose it, and send back to bed, man! 6am could not come soon enough. Putting up the tree was a big thing, and was only supposed to be done 2 weeks before and taken down a week after, it really was special as a time, now it just feels like another marketing opportunity.
So this year, WAIT, wait to put your decorations up, wait to plan your Christmas lunch, wait till the very last minute to buy anything…. get that anxiety and excitement going again, what’s the worst that can happen, you and the family have a chaotic Christmas….. isn’t that what it’s all about!!!

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