Bad Medicine

25 Nov

I feel frustrated, I have been watching a tv series called “In pills we trust” one was on benzodiazepines, the other on SRI’s seratonin re-uptake inhibitors…… I was blown away.
Benzo’s are better known as tranquilizers The Stones sang about them, hell, a whole lot of people did, “Doctor please, some more of these, outside the door she took four more” Mothers Little Helpers. These are highly addictive and these people talked extensively on how they lost years of their lives to an almost walking coma, lost all their drive and ambition, but the worst of it was the stories at trying to kick the addiction.
It seems the Pharmaceutical Companies knew this, and as public opinion began to turn against these drugs they began to move to a new product to sell. SRI….. Seratonin Re-uptakt Inhibitors.  Seratonin being the buzz word of the era, and it seems, from what this series suggests, is that most Scientists working in this field, don’t understand how it works in our brains. These they call Anti-depressants. Prozac and the like…. turns out these are also highly addictive and in some cases have the most profound effects. A mother in the UK talked about how her seemingly slightly depressed daughter wanted to go on prozac and after they researched the drug they decided to go on it. After several months of erratic behavior the young girl hung herself.
It made me wonder about the medication I found myself on after some of the tragic events of the past year. Xanor, a benzo. and  Lamasil a SRI, fuck, I wasn’t even aware of this, sure the Doc said he would give me something for depression and anxiety, but surely there should be some explanation about what you are about to take, and how addictive all this shit is, and just how you might react on it!!!! What the fuck!! Not to mention the fact that he charges you an arm and a leg for the consult, and then the meds kill whats left of your medical aid, so you are left paying a medical aid that offers no aid, then, paying for your  fucking meds that your cock sucking, cocktail drinking, beach laying Doctor prescribed, and if all this doesn’t kill you it will make you a junkie, and this is medicine???????????

The freaking problem is I had a hard time getting of the morphine when I was in ICU a couple of years ago, it was so awesome while it lasted, and the benzo’s are a gas, but is this what  you should be getting from your physician, surely the line “do no harm” from the Hippocratic Oath still means something, or are they just bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies….????? What do you think?

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Posted by on November 25, 2010 in Personal life


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