WTF happened to this year

01 Dec

Well this year has flown by, and as trying as it has been I seem to have muddled my way through it, as I age another year, and grey even further here is your December update.

Lets start with some great news, Mr Lucky and Vespa will be collaborating at the 2011 Southern Ink Exposure convention, as anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my Vespa. It seemed logical that we come together on a project. We will be doing a limited edition run of T-shirts that will be available at the convention 25 a day will be given away, so make sure you attend. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve, so keep your eyes peeled…
There will also be a new Vespa store opening at 42 Bloom Street, Cape Town, on the 9th of December from 18H00 to 20H00 so come and have a ball.

The Studio has been busy and as we head “stiff upper lip” into season, we are bracing ourselves, the road outside has been converted into a far more pedestrian friendly walkway, allowing only one car thoroughfare, there is such a great cosmopolitan vibe to the whole street. In the new year they will be planting 13 trees, so the whole feel of the street will change, in unison with the awesome changes we have made to the shop.

My music choices for the month are Grinderman 2, and Phosphene Dream, the new Black Angels CD.

Grinderman 2 in my opinion IS GREAT STUFF. I like it better than the at times erratic first Grinderman the first offering.
Strange surrealistic and cryptic texts mingled with some amazing sounds, Nick Cave has written more meaningful songs, but there’s really not need for that here. For those who doubt that Nick can’t write songs anymore – check out the “Heathen Child” and “Star Charmer”.
An awesome album I’m sure all Cave fans will enjoy.

Phosphene Dream, by the Black Angels, I’m having a little trouble enjoying this latest offering, having said that, “Passover” does rate in my all time top twenty cd’s ever, so with having such a masterpiece in your discography I guess the Black Angels have a hell of a lot to live up too. I just seem to not be able to feel this album, it feels in my opinion as a little self indulgent, then again it is the kind of album that will probably grow on me like some kind of insidious mould…

My Pin up for the Month is Frankie Sin, this photo is by Shannon Brooke

Such a awesome and cheeky photograph.

For more pic go to

Finally my song for the day is Richard Cheese’s cover of the Beastie Boys “fight for your right to party”….lol

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One response to “WTF happened to this year

  1. Irish

    December 1, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    I feel ya on the time man, this year blew past. Good luck with the Vespa collab and congrats! Thanks for stopping byt he Post and pluggin us on your site 🙂

    ~ Irish


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