09 Dec

A very good friend of mine and I were talking about how bad the traffic is in town these days, and I found myself smiling at how quickly I had forgotten how gridlocked Johannesburg, and some of the other cities I’ve lived in are, but the story isn’t really about that, its about being on a motorcycle and commuting to work everyday.
Im constantly amazed how many motorists will see you in there rear view mirrors, and purposely close the gap between themselves and the car next to them so you can not pass. I know they see you cause I have often made eye contact, and I do know that sitting in gridlock can wear you down and slowly erode what little patience you have left, but think about this.
That motorcyclist is on two wheels, exposed to the elements, rain, wind and shine, risking life and limb. Now I hear you all groaning, “so freaking what, that’s his choice! and they get to not have to deal with the traffic” well, that’s not exactly the case, they have to carefully negotiate every frustrated driver they pass, and be thinking of every worst case scenario at least five cars ahead. Think about this….. every motorcyclist you see could be in a car ahead of you, doing the same as you, exacerbating an already stressful situation.
So in future, when you see me and my fellow two wheeled commuters, make way, and thank them, cause they could have been more of a problem, instead of the solution.

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