11 Feb

Woke to the beautiful sound of the Mouille Point Lighthouse fog horn, sounding away in the distance, and i just want to stay in bed. This is one of “Those” sounds that makes me happy. I used to have a home in Paternoster, where the lighthouse horn sounded most nights, and it used to lull me to the most peaceful sleep.

Mouille Point, is the oldest operational lighthouse of it’s kind in Southern Africa, Build in 1829.

Rotary VS Electro-magnetic.

There is an on going discussion in our shop, it’s all about whether you should move to rotaries or stay with electo-magnetics. I’m not into the whole Rotary thing, many people are, and if it works for you and enables you to create better art, more power to you. I am however “Old School” in my needs, I like electro-magnetic machines, the sound, the vibration in my hand gives me comfort. Many will be rushed to correct me in telling me that rotaries are as old school, and have been around a very long time, but for me, wherever in the world I am, the sound of a machine means a tattooer is working and others are getting tattooed, it means I can earn a living and be creative. I thoughts of my heros Doc King, Sailor Jerry and many others, machines buzzing in there shops, feels like heritage,  and that feels like home. Perhaps thats too simplistic for some, and perhaps needing to be moving with the times means you aren’t left behind, but the best times in my life, were being left behind while others went on.

So with that, nothing works for me like a hand made Godoy, or Seth Ceferri.


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2 responses to “Fog

  1. Tracey

    February 11, 2011 at 8:46 am

    heck ….my constitution is as foggy as the weather today!!…lol…and those silent machines Ive seen guys use at the convention..totally freaks me out…

    • milomrlucky

      February 11, 2011 at 10:40 am

      I know what you’re saying….lol


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