Early Morning Musing

24 Feb

I have been giving this a lot of thought…

I am constantly amazed at how little attention people give to what they say, how the very sound of their voices is enough, and the quality of what is said is just not important. I find that if you take a little time to really just think before you talk, you talk a lot less, and you listen a lot more, which means you learn more, and in turn when you do say something you don’t sound like a half wit. This doesn’t end here though, what about a little thought before you act? surely this applies ???? Hey Im not  suggesting I’m a saint, far from it, but Bruce said something very interesting, instead of making a grand bullshit statement, if you posed it as a question, the outcome would reflect better on your character, and the answer on your intelect.   As for the implication on your actions….. well I will leave that to you to decide.


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