08 Mar

Medical Aid…. truly an oxymoron, as there is absolutely no aid coming from this insurance company.
I started with me wanting to upgrade my membership, on the 4th of January, I was told I missed the cut off by 4 days, they tell me that they sent an e-mail in October, allowing members to migrate. Now I am one of those assholes that doesn’t find the time to read every piece of communication I get via e-mail, I happen to have a semblance of a life. I have been a client for almost 20 years, and they can’t see a way around 4 days, so I tell them I’m disappointed, and I am gonna investigate other options and possibly cancel my account with them.
My next communication from them a week later, we have closed your account with us. WTF I write back…excuse me, but please don’t close my account, and so the story ends….. Not really, in mid February I go to the Pharmacy, and use my medical aid…. sorry but you are not on the medical aid, so I call them, “whats going on?” sorry but you been cancelled… really, let me send you my instructions, that you have obviously not read, something, I might add, that in fact has created all this furor. Their response is, ooops we are sorry, our mistake, we have 2 options, either we can just debit your account, or you can make a payment and then send us proof of payment bla, bla, bla, I take the easy option when I reply 4 days later, “You debit my account” response….. sorry but you have to make payment as that previous option offer was only valid for a day, really???? one day????? after all that’s happened, ONE FUCKING DAY?????
Now if you have taken the time to read this, you are bored and confused, right???? Hell I am, and though this does seem petty, I as of this moment, have been more than a month without medical insurance, completely exposed, and they don’t give a shit, not to mention that they want payment for the month that I have not been covered to reinstate my membership. Where the fuck is the Aid in Medical Aid????

Now it seems that the same company offers an income protector, one that has been advertised all over, and my friend Derek has been on it for 10 years, hell I was on it for 2 as well, turns out the broker failed to mention that tattooer is not classified as a profession and they will not pay out if something tragic were to happen to you….
You would expect them to at very least payback the money they have taken right? no that’s not gonna happen, they have already instructed him that they will not be doing so.

Thanks “Discovery” I hope you all get syphilis, and it eats through your underutilised brains, and with a little luck, leaves you with an once of morality.



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