10 Mar

Ok I’m going to bitch now, and if you are not interested don’t read any further, but I have really reached the end of my tether.

On my way home from work on my Vespa, in peak hour traffic, everyone giving way to one another as we all are, but for one cock, but not just any cock, a ministers vehicle. He’s driver, weaving and forcing his way through traffic, using his siren, as he almost pushes me off the road, me on a Vespa, exposed to everything and him more important than anyone else on the road in his BMW.
I’m sick of it, we, those people around you that you think are so unimportant, we hard working, tax paying people are the people who work every freaking day, making ends meet, as hard as that is, we the people trying to get home, just like you, to our partners and children, we are the people you promised to serve!!!!! We are the ones that pay taxes so you can collect your exorbitant stipend, the very people who voted for you. and you believe you are better than us. That you have more right to the road than the rest of us, that you have more rights regardless of the situation, when in fact the reverse, is the case. YOU are the people PAID to serve the people of this country, not the other way around.
This now doesn’t only apply to the ministers, what about the police and traffic officers, why is it that we need to be afraid of what you my find to fine us or arrest us on, surely we are innocent till proven guilty. Surely you should be facilitating the movement of traffic, and surely you should be stopping that minister from behaving in this manner, but when you are needed you are never around.
I was stopped next to two police officers in a police car, at a red light, while they rode the clutch the whole time…. for fuck sake, we pay for those vehicles, the repairs, have a little freaking respect. You are supposed to serve and protect us, not take advantage of us.
And this is what really pisses me of, all the public institutions, what the hell has happened? since when do the very people you work for, the very people that through their hard work enable you to have a job, have no right to the service you are supposed to provide. Still worse, where the hell are the people who are well paid to see that these services are rendered? They’re out pushing people off the freaking road so they can get home earlier than anyone else, when you should at least do your job, but I guess that’s a lot to ask a PUBLIC SERVANT!!!!

If this bothers you as much as it does me, copy this, add your experiences, and post it on your blog or page or wherever, and perhaps, someone might hear, and act.

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