18 Mar

aaaaaaaiiiiiii mami…..!!!!!!
the young lady who makes “real” and I mean real TACOS was at the market…. aaaaaaiiiii chihuahua!!!….. they’re freaking awesome, and remind me so much of California, I would be her slave for her wonderful tacos. mmmmmm that didn’t quiet come out right…. what the hell you know what I mean.

Had lunch a drink with a good friend at the “doppio” in St George’s, if you are dying, and you need a drink a something to eat, and it’s the last place on the planet that is still open, and it will be cause cockroaches like that will be, come join us in hell, cause they are a bunch of useless fucks and you would get more service from a broken stone tablet.

here’s a little something to cheer you up though….hahahaaaaa

I fucking love Tacos

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