so called

23 Mar

A presumed friend, and I won’t mention names, just blew me away with her absolute arrogance, ignorance and uncaring. I have always been one to help, and have gone out my way to do so for my friends, but when you regularly borrow my shit for a “day or two”, and more than a month later, when I need it I’m the one to have to call to get it back, only to be put off, not once, fuck not even twice, not three times for the love of God, it seems a bit obscene. As a matter of fact, I’m still waiting for my camera.

And when in a text message I make it clear that this has made me unhappy, and that I need my camera, I get another excuse, instead of even a simple apology. I’m told how busy she is….. fuck we are all busy, but when you needed it you made the time to collect it, so make the time to return it! And then in an amazing turn around, the whole issue became about me, and how I was the problem, that I should chill out and that we should talk about it later……hahahahahahaaa so where the FUCK! is the camera? shit for brains! never mind about me.

There is Yiddish term “Menchkite”, I probably have miss spelt that, but the Jews say “he’s a mench” it’s a term about someones humanity, the way one treats fellow human beings and specially the ones around you, a reflection on your character. To be a “mench” is to be someone who is aware, aware of ones actions, and speech towards others, to be one of caring. How much of a mench are you? And how much of your “menchkite” is being bent over and fucked by those uncaring, self absorbed horses asses in your life????

I made a decision two days ago, to try live a better life, to pay cognisance to karma, so I started cleaning out areas that would cause conflict, in some cases this was very hard to do, as my ego had some huge vested interest, but I did it, and now Im gonna be cleaning out the freeloaders too.

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