25 Mar

I’m feeling like I’m seeing the back of this cold, hell I don’t want to speak to soon, and I have been know too, but I hope it’s on it’s way out.

Been doing a lot of thinking about the future, and what next, as this current status quo, does need to change, the ass kicking of the hangers on, has begun well, and a few more are in the firing line, but there needs to come some point where some real learning takes place and things change for the better. Waiting for them isn’t gonna have them happen, so I have to get some shit started.
I think the Month working in Italy in August will do some good in that respect, but it’s bit far off, and I need to do something soon.

Maebelline, is waiting at Old Mill Hotrods for me, and I need to bring her home and drive her a little, but storage has become an issue, I guess Im gonna have to play the switcheroo with all the vehicles…. I make it sound like their are many, when it’s only having one garage thats the issue.

I seem to be rambling today….. must be the meds, so I won’t bore you any longer.
One more thing, wild dog tattoo came out great, photos = shit, so Randy’s gonna post one when it’s healed up.

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