The camera saga continues

29 Mar

I am without doubt, a complete asshole, after all was said and done to get my camera returned, I failed to check that it was all there and in working order, and I know this is starting to sound petty, but with the fog in last night I wanted to go out and shoot the lighthouse, it’s beams penetrating the fog.
I couldn’t use the camera, why? you ask, well there is no battery in it…..
So I’m texting… where the hells the battery, and why is returning my camera such an issue for you? The response is, you never gave it to me with a battery. ??????? Really?…. I can imagine removing the memory card as I would do, but the battery???? Really???? No, not really, on which planet does someone loan you there camera then remove the battery so it’s of no use to you????… dumbass????
It seems that this person needs to have their head read, the stupidity and arrogance, is simply unfathomable.
It’s something I have noticed of late in the city…. there are a class of people that just get by, those that slide by on what they get from others, doing just enough to stay out the gutter. Taking an inch from you, an inch from me, and slowly building their mile, off the good nature, and hard work of others, just doing enough not to be noticed, but as little as humanly possible.

This is the last once of energy I’m giving this person, this situation, these people.

Oh, one last thing, anyone wanna borrow my car, it’s really cool, just one thing, theres no fucking motor in it!

What an awesome cover, so much better than sam brown.

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