March Update.

31 Mar

March Update

It started well with some really interesting pieces, the first being the lantern and banners, and then the cover up of some serious laser on an piece for Giovanni,

I also did this naughty nurse for Tracey, which we finish this weekend

Then there is this cover up and three quarter sleeve I did for Rob

Thanks to Ms Bernie Dexter, Im hooked on this at the moment.

This is a great album from start to finish and is just fun pure rock n roll. It has a good fifties rockabilly feel to it and JD McPherson either wrote or helped write ten of the twelve songs on here which is nice. He has great vocals and is also a very talented guitarist as well. Great songs and great energy. I like all the tracks, but the standout tracks in my opinion are “Signs & Signifiers” “North Side Gal” but that’s being very picky cause as I wrote that, I was thinking about the rest of the album. I would highly recommend this if you like rockabilly or fifties rock.

Burlesque Star of the Month is the smouldering Eve Torchy Taboo

As a performer, Eve Wynne-Warren has perfected the look and ambiance of old-school burlesque — the ultra-sexy glances thrown out like gold coins at the audience, the provocative but highly controlled gestures. She has that old-fashioned quality show people call “stage presence” and a bewitching ability to make you believe she was there at the beginning, back when va-va-voom was invented. A demitasse Venus at just 4 foot 11 inches, Wynne-Warren is transformed on stage into a statuesque showgirl by her sexy charisma and sphinx-like smile. With her flash of red hair, those ironically arched eyebrows and that vintage striptease strut and sway, Wynne-Warren is the epitome of the ’40s-era burlesque performer, a hybrid of Salome, Bette Midler, Rita Hayworth’s Gilda and any woman who’s ever used a fan and a grin to advantageous ends.

The Pinup of the month is

Flossie Carmichael


One response to “March Update.

  1. Tracey

    March 31, 2011 at 8:21 am nurse has rolls just like the gorgeous pinup…..awesome update! Found a book on american burlesque stars of “old” , you may enjoy.


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