05 Apr

Winter is here, no matter how much I choose to deny it, it’s here, the sun comes up later and later every morning, and I find myself needing to hibernate like a big ol’ bear. The month has started slow, and I guess I’m gonna feed the “Tattoo Gods” by finishing the compass on my knee….. damn I hate tattooing myself, but I started it I may as well get it done, it is about time.
Started working on a Hispanic/East LA inspired sleeve for an awesome client, Tracey. It’s gonna have a low rider, some roses, “La Chula” A beautiful hispanic woman, all “dias del los muertos” made up with a big sombrero..a sacred heart, a snake, perhaps a skeletal mariachi, perhaps a chihuahua with some attitude, I’m excited. It’s so cool to be planing a full sleeve in entirety without having to cover or work around something.

opening up with


One response to “5am…..

  1. Tracey

    April 5, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Damnit…now Im beyond excited…its EXACTLY what Ive been picturing in my mind.its gonna ROCK!!!!!!!


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