What your children learn

06 Apr

I watched a program last night, it was a show at which professionals competed over a series of weeks, to become the ultimate winner.
The first thing that struck me was why has the mediocre become celebrity, are we so starved for real talent that we have now become purveyors of mediocrety.
The other thing that struck me is the celebration of a egotistical, rude, brutal and mean attitudes that some contestant displayed, how it was felt necessary to focus and promote this. Is this what we want to see, we are constantly told that life is harsh, and brutal, how you have to fight to get ahead, climbing over the corpses of others to get to the top, but surely this attitude is the issue, we promote this, we buy into it, but why can’t nice guys finish first? We complain about crime, these guys are at the top of that food chain if one believes in a dog eat dog attitude, they take what they want to get where they want to go without concern for the consequences. Now what makes some business executive any different when he fucks the next guy to get ahead, the impacts the same, but in the guise of achieving in your business or career, that’s accepted. Does this not also apply to the game show contestant that uses underhanded methods to get ahead in the show, doesn’t this go further, doesn’t this go to that contestants very attitude, and it’s celebration. This applies to the people putting these shows together, making their careers lauding this behavior, and packaging it to sell to anyone who will watch. What are they promoting under the guise of entertainment, and what are you accepting as normal, what will our children learn from this, what legacy will they have, and what will your grandchildren accept as a way to live.
Why is it that we complain about the hardships in our lives, perhaps we should alter the way we deal with life, and stop accepting what we are dealt. That humility, is virtuous, and that care and nurture, are lessons to learn, and that aggression and egoism are not.

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