Blood and Hot Rods

19 Apr

I’ve had a nose bleed all night, weird, woke me up even…. wonder what that’s about.

This saturday is the street rod nationals are on at the Belville High Grounds, and although, Im not one for “Group Sex”, as my car is for my pleasure, and not to gather to show it off and talk shit with another bunch of elitists, I will be going through, to support hot rodding in Cape Town. Fuck I’ll just be happy to be driving my Maybelline again, since it has been a long while, with all the little bit’s and pieces that needed doing.
Im not one of these car guys who rattle off shit and make themselves important buy how much they know about cars, and who and how and all that shit, I fell in love with my car when I saw it, it came up for sale and I bought it, no long nights earning my stripes under the hood so to speak. I leave that to “those” guys they know so much more than I do.
So if you want a good look at what guys are doing in the Western Cape, and “those” guys get on your nerves as much as they do mine, stop by me and say hello, I promise to talk shit about a whole bunch of other things…


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