01 May

Went out last night to the Harley Clubhouse again, to See the last local performance of “Lonesome Dave” Dave Ferguson, and being a Geminian ass I get tired of the same band banging out the same songs, as they have a tendency to do, but Dave’s creative genius just always shines through, his ability to create on the fly is without doubt one of the most inspiring and entertaining acts I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some. So to Dave my friend Farewell, fare very well, and I know europe and the world brings you the fame and fortune you deserve.

MissHapp, M’s Moore, Ms St Clair, M’s Scott and all the others, your efforts did not go unnoticed, in the land of the tight little top and tighter jeans you ladies classed it up, as as usual, it really is nice to see that you keep to your sense of style and sensibilities.

I was approached last night by a friendly woman, I won’t mention names, at it really comes down to the crux of todays musings. I’m told that her sister is stuck out on a farm in the back of beyond, and that she often reads my blog, that it cheers her. Something very flattering as you can imagine, and I was at first, but it really has got me thinking, and thinking a lot about how we go out there. Here I mean as we write away at our thoughts and feelings, so self absorbed in us, how much time and thought have you given to who is out there. Now obviously I don’t mean we should curb what we say, by no means, but just that what you say is seen and read by many you don’t even know, and that what you say is out there. I’m not mister positive, and have a tendency to need venting room but I do want to say, that the point is taken, and that being constructive might be a cliche, but perhaps just not being negative is enough, so to everyone last night thank you very much for an awesome night out.

Man did I get blown away in the shop yesterday….. but thats another story……lol

But right now Im gonna get my groove on and in my boxers and flip flops I’m gonna shake a tail feather to the man….. Otis Redding.


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