Taco Day

06 May

Yesterday was Taco day! man I love those girls from Orinoco, they make seriously real soft taco’s that are just so freaking awesome, day I feel like I’m sitting with a good friend at a little Mexican place called Joanafina’s on Ventura beach, some very good times. Oh and I have to mention Steve, he makes sausages… damn choriso’s, salami, damn he’s stuff is just fantastic. If you are ever in St Georges Mall up at the top where it meet the Company Gardens, on a thursday make sure you come to the food market, it’s really worth popping in.

Tuesday night was comedy night and I had the good fortune to catch Welsh Comedian Rhod Gilbert, and for me he is without doubt one of the most hilarious stand ups I’ve seen. I had to include this clip about the luggage, it had me rolling around laughing my ass off, I’m still looking for it…lol

I finished this cover up on Paul today the original was a type exercise that was miss quoted and really badly done, scaring the skin. Paul wanted some sort of “Day of the Dead” inspired piece, and I put the following together for him.

Cover ups alway tend to put a lot of pressure on the design and choice of style, but having an open mind to size, and enough patience, I think a hell of a lot can be achieved so that the old piece is just not there any longer. There are tricks like creating a focal point else where, but that’s not always something that can be achieved, but I think this piece has achieved what a good cover up should do.


One response to “Taco Day

  1. Tracey

    May 6, 2011 at 7:15 am

    i religiously tape tuesday”s shows !!..and he is one of the funniest.


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