Early nite

08 May

Having made it to bed at 8pm on a saturday night is a sorry state of affairs, but it’s probably the safest place to be for me, if you know what I mean… With the sudden onset of winter this year, I feel that big bear hibernation coming on, and the only thing my lovely place is missing is a lovely big hearth. It would be amazing to sit in front of crackling fire while watching the weather roll in over the ocean, the lighthouse starts up it’s warnings to inbound ships. Alas this is not to be so I’m gonna cheat, Im buying one of those ruddy big gas numbers, and pretend it’s the same thing….lol

I started a new sleeve on a great client, Tracey, here is a sneak peek.

The 2nd session in Tracey’s new East LA inspired arm, as this work is normally in black and grey, I wanted to use the iconography, but do it in bright vivid color, that is the hispanic culture. So it’s pretty “Dia de los Muertos” cholitas, lowriders and sacred hearts, skeletons and snakes, held together with roses.


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