09 May

I seem to have found that life has a few really big surprises in store for you. Yesterday Luca came to visit, for those that don’t know, Luca is Hymne’s 10 year old son, Hymne passed away on the 31 of January 2010, and left a huge, unfathomable hole, in our lives. On mothers day, he chose me to visit, it made me really apprehensive, as we had not actually talked about her, and her death since I had driven out on that fateful day to tell him that she had died, today was the first time we spoke about her. About how we missed her, and love her, and what fun we had when we all lived in the large farm house in Paarl.
I never wanted kids, in fact it’s a major reason I find myself single at my age, but life plays these little tricks on you, here is Luca, choosing me to spend the day with, to be closer to his Mother. I makes me very small, makes me humble, and very grateful, I am truly blessed and very lucky….Mr Lucky

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  1. robert weedman

    May 9, 2011 at 6:28 am

    Morning Milo, touching post this morning,it’s good you allowed him to spend time with you, you never know, maybe a good relationship develops? Had such a great shoot on Saturday, some awesome pics of Dewald, will send you some later this week, quite amazing how many peoples lives you have touched, he has an enormous amount of respect for you it made his day to chat to you. Catch you later dude, have a great day. Rob


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