12 May

I always strive for some for of control in my life but it’s a constantly loosing battle, in my excesses, all of those I cannot seem to shake I keep finding that the more I try to control the less I have. That’s the reason for my post the other day “Your reality is just delusion”. This isn’t clever or pretentious, just me struggling with the little things in my life that leave me weak and stressed out. I feel an anxiety tighten around my chest as though my heart were being compressed. Mundane issues that are in “my” control, my truth is that as I imagine I have control, I’m not, I’m just deluding myself.

I’m tired and cold, and I’m gonna get back into bed, I’ll finish this later.

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One response to “Control

  1. Tracey

    May 12, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I heard the saying “never be in the wanting”, years back and didnt have the foggiest clue what it meant……but I do now- the universe gives you back what you put out- we know that- but if you want (control) or anything of that matter, it gives you back = want…! so you will never truly reach that goal, or receive what you seek……..
    the answer is easy and difficult simulataneously……..but Ill finish this later……….


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