13 May

I will not be surprised if most don’t believe this story, had I not witnessed it myself, I probably would not either. There is a house of ill repute in the building on the corner, on the 2nd floor, how I know this? well the ladies come past the shop on their way to work, and it’s a little hard not to notice, when a woman is looking like she’s ready for a night out and it’s 9am, and besides we always chat as they come past. When you are as tattooed as I am, you learn not to be judgemental. So Bruce and I have to walk that way, on our way to “Deluxe” which happens to be the best coffee shop in the city, for our customary chat and, for me at least, only cup of coffee for the day and it’s not like anyone notices or cares about what goes on….. till yesterday…. As we were returning from Deluxe having a chat, minding our own, we round the corner of the building on our way to the shop, when we hear a pretty loud thud, about a meter away from us….lol the building on the 1st floor has a balcony, which we are under so it’s not like we were at any risk, but it still kind of startled us…. we look over and it’s a large blue vibrator,…lol Bruce and I were just speechless, we were kind of stuck there looking at “it” then one another, then back to it, completely dumb struck and then we just couldn’t hold it we started laughing…. Only in the city does shit like that happen….lol Now as I relay it, it sounds pretty fucked up, but you had to have been there…lol
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, besides all the visits by cool people and the weather taking a turn for the better. I did however finish the drawing for Ursula’s Phoenix back piece which I start today, she has booked me out for today and her man has booked saturday, as they are from Johannesburg, they’re making the most of the trip down.

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One response to “Raining

  1. Danja

    May 13, 2011 at 8:17 am

    Oh, Milo, that is hilarious and certainly made me smile on the morning of a Friday 13th ! Have a great day.


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