Hotel motel

23 Jul

I’m back in the hotel and loving it. It’s market day today and I’m hoping to get out there and see if I can find anything interesting, as there is the odd gift or two I need to find.
What a yesterday, 2 ladies of the night came in, one so stones she could hardly stand and the other, was a mess. I had to tattoo them, and it was a complete debacle, between me shouting at staff for allowing them in and they shouting at me to do their tattoos, while everyone else was rolling on the floor with laughter…. Fuckers are gonna pay for this one when they find out u put a tiny bit of diesel in the coffee machine. For those who don’t know what it does, just imagine the very worst case of the runs you have ever had, x that by ten, and you are close…… We’ll see who laughs last.

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