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Beauty Dish

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote something, and I guess you could say I been content, but you know you would be wrong… I just have been giving to much energy to the shit surrounding me that I just haven’t taken the time to write.
Things have been weird, I mean really weird, people getting possessive about fuck all, and taking up my space and time, not to mention the constant freeloaders, I just had to eventually make myself heard, and so some are pissed at me, but I really don’t give a continental shit.
I have been doing some cool work of late and have some great projects besides the 3 new t shirt designs, I have been doing some really nice tattoos.

Every morning for 2 weeks I’m woken by a baby crying in the car park across the street, firstly why is this mother bringing her child with to sit in a car park all day? Secondly why is it constantly crying? I need to find out what is going on, and call child protection services.
Jeez I have so much to bitch about but I don’t even know where to begin, and I actually find myself wondering why even bother, but I will tell you about my photographic saga… Its quiet funny and perhaps if you are into photography might help you save some cash.
To cut a long story a little shorter I saw my good friend Rob shoot with a “Beauty Dish” and even shot some of the tattoos I had done and the results were fantastic, so I decided that this is the way to go and that it would solve my problems when it came to shooting tattoos. So I went to ORMS, here in the city, I explained, I’m just a tattoo artist that wants to shoot good quality images of the work I do, I want to use a beauty dish. So I take the existing light I have, my oldish Canon, and I show them, these guys sell me a dish that I have to tape on, and promise to get me remote triggers that work, they don’t but when I start chatting to some other guy he says no hang on a minute these will work, the ones that work are R599, as opposed to the ones the first guy mentioned at R2300. The dish is R2100, it’s an Elinchrom, very good stuff, high end, but remember that I only shoot my work I’m no pro. Now I just don’t know about this shit, and taping stuff on just isn’t the way things work with me so I say dude, sell me the smallest light to power this beauty dish and lets get it over with, R3600, fuck no, this isn’t what I wanted to do, I don’t want to spend 6 grand on this exercise. So I talk to Rob he says “Dude, get hold of this guy in Johannesburg, Graham Robertson Photographic, check his site out” so I do, it’s the public holiday, and I can’t do anything about this. First thing Thursday, I speak to Nadine, Grahams wife, and in no time I have an invoice for a light 220W, Beauty Dish, and a small Soft Box, with delivery to my door, total R2860, and it will be here by Friday afternoon, how awesome is that? half the price, OK so it’s not Elinchrom, but this is all a dumb ass tattooer, needs, I’m no Helmut Newton here. It’s perfect, well not exactly, Friday and no delivery, but as the week was a short one, I understand, I can wait till Monday, no problem, but the perfection continues, they delivered on a Sunday! WTF!!! that’s just impressive.

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