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So… It’s been a while…

I know it’s been a while since I posted something, but I’m not just gonna write garbage to fill a page with nothing, and contrary to Lewis Black, I’m a writer, I may not do it everyday, I may not have finished my book yet, but I have something to say and some things I need to share. I may never be a good writer, hell I’m probably a really bad one.
I haven’t written lately because of a few things that have taken place recently, and in many ways it might be petty, but I feel wounded by the whole experience. Some people have seen it fit to spread some rumours and lies about me and my character, now obviously I’m not going to mention who and what, as that not the kind of person I am, and Karmically you swing on your own pendulum. So whats is this all about? Well it’s about your actions or lack of action, what you say and when you say it, and the fact that you don’t speak up when you should. The fact that all stories have three sides, theirs, yours and a version called “the truth” nestled somewhere in-between. I’m no sinless wonder, the last who tried that got hung up in a gruesome way, and that seemed to put paid to anyone having those notions of grandeur for a good two thousand years, but I have tried to do the best I can, to be as good as I can be, and only ever walked away when I believed I could no longer contribute, and probably the most damning of things never made how I felt very clear, so as to keep everyone else happy. So what? bid deal… get on with it…!
I will get on with it, “THINK” before anything else…. think, what you do, or don’t do, say or don’t say, react, or just plain let things slip, think, because those things may just have very long fingers reaching out into others lives, others hearts, and the damage you do is irreparable.
Remember “THINK” because if you believe this might pertain to you… “THINK” and ask yourself why? because it probably does in some way or another to all of us, and you can never make amends.
Enough about that though.

Here is some new work I have been doing.
First up is Nicci, this is a cover-up and about 9 hours into it.

Here is Pippa, you will recognize her from “the Verge” on TV, the first shot is by Tim Hulme
and the two below are newly completed for her.

This next piece is Sek’s, Pippa’s husband and supercool dude

I then did a piece each for a coupe Jason and Kerri, very nice folks and was awesome spending time tattooing them, fellow Boston Terrier lovers, so they got to be cool.

And I finished Natasha’s Zombie, Tomaz’s “Descent into Hell” and the fabulous Mandy MissHapp’s “Zombie Rosebud”

I also did this cool foot piece for Jerusha


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Yesterday morning I was woken, well not woken exactly, my neighbour incessant knocking dragged me me downstairs as her car would not start. Her name is “Alleluia” and it’s Angolan, and nothing to do with Leonard Cohen, and even if it did, I would say it was due to Jeff Buckley as the Cohen original just isn’t my bag at all, but I’m off on a tangent again. I went out to help, and after fining that she had asked, and no one had jumper cables, I said to her do you know how to jump start a car? Four pushes up and down the road proved she didn’t and as I was close to a heart attack, I stopped. I asked her if she had spoken to the other neighbours? she hadn’t so I did and eventually found some jumper cables.
This got me thinking, a few years ago when I still lived in Johannesburg, in an affluent suburb called Northcliff, I remember always feeling under siege while there, we where shocked by what appeared to be the random shooting of a 16 year old school girl in her drive way. The neighbourhood was shocked and there was a lot of interest, and a close eye was kept on the investigation by the media, but our understaffed, underpaid, underfunded and uneducated police force could simply not solve the case. The devastated family then turned to a *retired detective Piet Beyleveld who in a few months had found that the house next door was being used as a meth lab and that the young girl was shot as a warning, but the hit man got the wrong address.
I see you are asking what the hell have those stories got to do with anything? so I will ask you a question, you behind your walls and locks, how well do you know your neighbour? Do you even know your neighbour? The problem is that we have been conned into believing that we should protect ourselves, take care of yourself, but the fact of the matter is that if you looked out for your neighbour and he looked out for you, you’re protected, and soon the neighbourhood is taking care of itself. I hear the neigh Sayer’s now “High walls make for good neighbours” that’s what you are made to believe, when the truth is, that if something were to happen to you and you need immediate help, who’s closest to you? who can get to you soonest?
We self police due to the serious lack of a police force that can be trusted, so why can’t we extend a hand to our neighbours, and draw the community closer, instead of isolated walled homes as refuges, that we cower behind.
I’m going to say hello to mine today, cause I’m done with pushing a car up and down when my neighbour had jumper cables.

*Retired due to pressure buy the ANC government for the Police to be Black Empowered.

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Beauty Dish

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote something, and I guess you could say I been content, but you know you would be wrong… I just have been giving to much energy to the shit surrounding me that I just haven’t taken the time to write.
Things have been weird, I mean really weird, people getting possessive about fuck all, and taking up my space and time, not to mention the constant freeloaders, I just had to eventually make myself heard, and so some are pissed at me, but I really don’t give a continental shit.
I have been doing some cool work of late and have some great projects besides the 3 new t shirt designs, I have been doing some really nice tattoos.

Every morning for 2 weeks I’m woken by a baby crying in the car park across the street, firstly why is this mother bringing her child with to sit in a car park all day? Secondly why is it constantly crying? I need to find out what is going on, and call child protection services.
Jeez I have so much to bitch about but I don’t even know where to begin, and I actually find myself wondering why even bother, but I will tell you about my photographic saga… Its quiet funny and perhaps if you are into photography might help you save some cash.
To cut a long story a little shorter I saw my good friend Rob shoot with a “Beauty Dish” and even shot some of the tattoos I had done and the results were fantastic, so I decided that this is the way to go and that it would solve my problems when it came to shooting tattoos. So I went to ORMS, here in the city, I explained, I’m just a tattoo artist that wants to shoot good quality images of the work I do, I want to use a beauty dish. So I take the existing light I have, my oldish Canon, and I show them, these guys sell me a dish that I have to tape on, and promise to get me remote triggers that work, they don’t but when I start chatting to some other guy he says no hang on a minute these will work, the ones that work are R599, as opposed to the ones the first guy mentioned at R2300. The dish is R2100, it’s an Elinchrom, very good stuff, high end, but remember that I only shoot my work I’m no pro. Now I just don’t know about this shit, and taping stuff on just isn’t the way things work with me so I say dude, sell me the smallest light to power this beauty dish and lets get it over with, R3600, fuck no, this isn’t what I wanted to do, I don’t want to spend 6 grand on this exercise. So I talk to Rob he says “Dude, get hold of this guy in Johannesburg, Graham Robertson Photographic, check his site out” so I do, it’s the public holiday, and I can’t do anything about this. First thing Thursday, I speak to Nadine, Grahams wife, and in no time I have an invoice for a light 220W, Beauty Dish, and a small Soft Box, with delivery to my door, total R2860, and it will be here by Friday afternoon, how awesome is that? half the price, OK so it’s not Elinchrom, but this is all a dumb ass tattooer, needs, I’m no Helmut Newton here. It’s perfect, well not exactly, Friday and no delivery, but as the week was a short one, I understand, I can wait till Monday, no problem, but the perfection continues, they delivered on a Sunday! WTF!!! that’s just impressive.

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I been thinking about change this morning, and the old cliche comes to mind, “the only constant in life is change” and I think it probably is true, but I wonder if it is also true about the very essence of you, can you change after all you have seen, experienced and lived through, this sets patterns in your life, and I wonder if therapy could even change those ingrained patterns. Of course I will admit that all those things cause your growth, and that in essence is change, but after years of that growth there is a whole bunch of things that cause you to act, react, and feel, and that forms patterns of behaviour and I wonder if this can ever be truly changed or worst case scenario modified?
All that, got me thinking about just what I let into my life, and how those things are going to change how I act, and worst of all, will I repeat the errors I made before in the handling of these things because I haven’t actually changed at all. The truth for me I’m afraid is dark, I am destined to keep repeating the same mistakes, I hear you all “the very fact that you acknowledge this is a step in the right direction”but this goes deeper that a step, these things are a lifetimes experiences, pushing, prodding, and moulding into a way of behaviour that for all the awareness in the world, I just can’t help slipping into.

Dislocation Blues

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I have been talking to my good friend Rob, a financial adviser, about money, and how we go about spending it, he drives a A5 wanted to own a coupe in his life, and on impulse went and did it. Now he’s thinking of getting something smaller less expensive, but was feeling a little pressure to keep up appearances in his industry, that clients might not see him as successful. But what came to mind, especially in his circumstance is that he’s advising people to spend wisely, not to spend on huge luxury items, and so the thinking was that by not bowing to this pressure you would show that you take your own advise.
Now you’re wondering, cool, good for you but what the fuck are you on about. Well last year I felt the financial pinch in a big way, and I had to make some really hard decisions, as I’m sure many have had to do in the last 3/4 years under the financial climate, but I found one thing, one solitary sentence that pulled me through. DO I REALLY NEED THIS? before any currency left my wallet, I asked myself that question several times, thats cause I’m a pig headed ass, and if the answer came up yes, then fine, but even the slightest hesitation, meant that i did not need it, it was not a necessity and thus left that item, purchase whatever just there. We have become obsessed with the “must have” syndrome, computer are out of date in three months, just as you got that big ass flat screen they spring 3D on you, soon the mattress you sleep on isn’t soft enough, then it’s not supportive enough, and to top it all your car will determine just how attractive you are, and so on and so forth, pretty soon you are upgrading your home to look like a palace cause your neighbors have. Never once going ok did I really need this, I mean really need this! Chances are you didn’t, so perhaps the answer is in just how we fill our lives, perhaps we have lost focus on the important part of our lives, and that is, that it’s fleeting, from the first breath, we begin dying, and chasing the propagated ideal, may fulfill a hole you think is important, but the true cost to you will be time, time you don’t have to waste, because like all of us one day you will die, and take nothing with you.
I woke this morning, the mist had rolled in, and I’m content, I have spent the last three days giving my time freely to some one that I believe needs my help to become a better tattooer, and I feel good about it, I’m sure that the time I spent will be evident in what she does from here on. And I’m happy, because the cost is well spent, and my soul really needs it.

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Joburg, joburger….

I just spent 6 days working in Johannesburg, and had a blast, besides the odd niggle, and the pollution, a lot hasn’t changed since I left 5 years ago.
I arrived Tuesday, and after popping into Randburg Motorcycles, an experience that has left a bitter taste in my mouth, Rob and I went to his place and set up the studio, awesome place, in a beautiful garden, everything set up right, perfect and in the evening I did a cover/clean up of a piece.
Wednesday saw us make a quick tour of some of the studios in the northern suburbs, and found one has moved into my old premises in Greenside…. rather funny, popped in to see Thys, and Jen at Fallen Hero’s before Sek’s arrival and we then started his forearm

Then at 6 Pippa arrived for her session, but we stopped for a bite, the Veda and Deon arrived and My brother Sandy and his Girl and there daughter, so the house got crazy. My hostess Michelle whipped up a dinner for the ever increasing masses, and buy 9 I had to grab Pippa and start working or we just would not have gotten to tattooing her, as it is, I didn’t get to finish the piece, but I will see her soon and get it done.

Friday I chilled with Rob, we chatted and just chilled out, and in the evening I did some work for Pedro, an addition to a piece I didi ten years ago, and just livened the whole shoulder up a bit. We then all went to Sakura for sushi, I was ravenous, so I think I nearly killed the sushi chef in having to keep up with me…. damn conveyor belt was a little slow, but a great meal.

Saturday started with the completion of Jacques back, this is the very first tattoo I did on him and over the last seven or eight years we have come a long way as he is heading to at least 60% coverage, looking at his back, I see at least a few more hours I could put into it. I then had Mich in for her old school anchor, she had the letters so I had to work around them, I think it’s cool.

Sunday started early with more for to Nicci’s back, final touches to Michelle, and 3 hours into Robs Geisha/Shiva/Mermaid color sleeve

Monday Rob and I met Nicci for a quick bite on the way out to the airport, and with that I flew home to my Island and my puppy girl Laika, who almost had a fit she was so glad to see me, she ran and threw herself at me, almost knocking me over… What a pooch.
I have left this post for to long so it does more read like a list than anything else, but it does sum the week up.

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Just in time

Finally it broke, two days of migraine and sinus, felt like a boxer beat my face to a pulp. I don’t usually get migraines so I was not prepared for it, but thanks to lots of advice and a quick trip to the chemist for a cocktail, a dark room, and I’m feeling a lot better. The cause? you ask, is stress, self inflicted as usual, but changes have stressed me out, some disappointments and the obvious annoyances at being pissed about by unimportant people. Time will sort things out as usual and taking it all to heart isn’t going to solve it at all. It does however change a few things. It does mean that the sponsorships I normally do, are a thing of the past. I’m done with giving my time, effort and craft to unappreciative people. I have worked with several artists, that have always had a lot negative to say about sponsorship, or as I like to say putting a little back, from a karmic point of view it makes sense to me to do them, but of late, all it’s done is prove those artists right.

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Mouille Point

After what seemed like a heat wave, which in all honesty is just summer, and after all the moaning I did about it, this morning I was greeted by my good friend the Mouille Point Lighthouse fog horn, the marine layer had come in and with it the wonderful moist drop in temperature. Those that know, know that the sound is my lullaby, and getting out of bed when all I wanted was to lie in and sleep to the cool moist breeze and the comforting sound of the foghorn.
There was enough sleeping in and procrastinating so with all that it was just time to get my ass out of bed and get moving and face the day, then I got a message on my phone, it was a notification, that Maybelline is sold, the transfer has taken place and as soon as the funds are cleared into my account, she will be transported to her new owner. Bitter sweet, as it feels like a huge loss of a beautiful friend, but I do believe life is about movement. As she moves on the next project will begin and a rebirth of another vehicle will begin and like the phoenix from a back garden in the rain and wind and sun this vehicle will rise again into a wonderful piece of art.

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New Years Resolution

So January has begun with a bang, and the workflow is good and I am most grateful to all my awesome clients.
This month brings up two big things on both end of the spectrum for me, First is the annual SIX tattoo convention held here in Cape Town and I will be exhibiting of course, but the really awesome thing is I have great friends who are coming from upcountry and it always is a complete blast. So if you are in and around don’t forget to come and visit at the BMW Pavilion the dates are 27th, 28th and 29th. The other is the second anniversary of the passing of my beloved Hymne, not a single day goes by still without thinking about her, so a very bitter sweet month.
But I’m not going to leave you on that note, this is the year that is going to the end of the world, according to the Mayans. The Mayan calendar is divided into Seven Ages of Man. The fourth epoch ended in August 1987. The Mayan calendar comes to an end on Sunday, December 23, 2012. So having said that what are you going to do with this year having that in mind? Is it going to slip by like you life has been doing? Or are you going to start living it up a little? I pose this question to myself more than anything else, as I just haven’t been making any kind of effort to actually start enjoying my life, I work, and that’s about all I do, when I’m not I’m preparing for it or cleaning up after it.
So I never make new years resolutions, but this year, a little late, I’m going to.
So join us at the convention, then look out for all the parties, cause we going to do all of those as well.
These are a few pieces from the week.

These are the new shop stickers.

So stop by the convention booth and get some.

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Bike Girl

I just completed this tattoo yesterday on my great friend Tracey, I love tattooing her, she gets really interesting and challenging work and it looks awesome on her. So to Tracey and all those awesome clients of mine, thank you!

Here are one or two more pieces I thought I would share

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